Tubegeek (toōb-gēk) noun.

A tubegeek lives and breathes online video, is always up to date on the latest viral videos and online video news, spends hours on end drooling over keyboard cats and finger-biting babies, and has or dreams of having a successful YouTube channel of their own.

TubeGeeks is on a mission to become your home for all things online video, from news and the latest viral hits to helpful guides, interviews with your favorite creators and more.

Ultimately, we’d like to be a place where online video enthusiasts can go not only to get caught up on the latest viral YouTube hits, but also to find out about new online video resources and to learn valuable information about every step of the content creation process, from setting up a channel to growing a subscriber base, promoting, monetizing and more.

Of course, we’re just getting started so if you’ve got any suggestions, ideas, questions or want to find out how to contribute, shoot us an email at!

The Team

Megan O’Neill – “The Brains” – Megan has a background in Video Production, which she earned a bachelor’s degree in from Emerson College in 2004, the year before YouTube was born.  Over the past few years, she has become quite fond of the online video industry, which she has covered extensively since early 2010.  She also enjoys transforming celebrities into vegetables in her spare time.

Megan started TubeGeeks as a means of bringing together her loves of video production, online video and YouTube and hopes you’ll stick around to see the results!  And she also hopes you’ll follow her on Twitter!  Oh, and she also hopes you are having a wonderful day!

Shechi – “The Looks” – Shechi is the TubeGeeks mascot.  He enjoys watching YouTube videos, eating carrots and going to the park, but mostly serves as an endless source of inspiration for Megan.  Shechi is not on Twitter. Megan is not that obsessed.

JosiahJosiah Staggs – Contributor – Josiah is a long-time technology enthusiast who has put his focus on social media designs and marketing for the past five years. You can catch him actively posting YouTube channel art on his dedicated social media design site.

facepicEvan DeSimone – Contributor – Evan is a copywriter, blogger, and digital media enthusiast. He covers the MCN  beat for Tubegeeks and tweets other nonsense at