Adele covers have been blowing up on YouTube ever since Adele hit the music scene.  Everyone loves to cover Adele’s music, and millions of YouTube views seem to indicate that everyone loves listening to covers of her music as well.  After seeing a couple of new Adele covers go viral this week we decided to put together a list of ten of the most viral Adele covers on YouTube.

2yr old Makena sings Adele…so cute

Yesterday this adorable 2-year old became a viral sensation when this video of her singing ‘Someone Like You.’  The video has racked up over 1.5 million views so far.

Rolling in the deep on guzheng

Here’s a unique cover of ‘Rolling In The Deep’ played on the guzheng.  It is going viral today and has been viewed nearly half a million times so far.

Sophia Grace and Rosie Sing ‘Rolling in the Deep’

In this video, which has been viewed over 8.7 million times since November, YouTube sensation Sophia Grace and her cousin Rosie sing ‘Rolling In The Deep.’  The song starts around the 1:45 mark.

Vazquez Sounds Adele – Rolling In The Deep (Cover)

This awesome video by Vazquez Sounds, a Mexican musical trio made up three siblings ages 11, 13 and 15, has racked up over 56 million views since it hit YouTube in November.

Tara singing Someone Like You by Adele (Iran – 13 years old)

Earlier this month Tara Salahi, a 13-year old girl from Iran, blew the Internet away with her amazing cover of ‘Someone like you.’  The video has nearly half a million views.

Adele – Set Fire To The Rain – Violin Cover by Nick Kwas

And now we take a momentary break from the singing to listen to Nick Kwas’ violin cover of ‘Set Fire To The Rain.’

Amazing Subway Performer Sings Adele

This street performer has racked up over 558,000 views for his cover of ‘Someone Like You’ in the NYC subway.  Just wait until the bongo kicks in.

Adele – Someone Like You

Here’s another awesome cover of ‘Someone Like You.’  This one has racked up over 10 million views and features Charlie Pluth and Emily Luther.

Rolling in the Deep – Adele Acoustic Cover (Jorge and Alexa Narvaez)

A list of covers wouldn’t be complete with out George and Alexa Narvaez.  Their cover of ‘Rolling in the Deep’ had racked up over 19 million views since August.

Angie Johnson Rolling in the Deep-Military cover

You may have seen this awesome military cover of ‘Rolling in the Deep’ over the summer when it went viral.

BONUS: World Covers – Rolling In The Deep – Zapatou

And finally, in case you haven’t gotten your fix of Adele covers, here’s the ultimate Adele cover mashup!  Zapatou cut together a whopping 71 covers of ‘Rolling in the Deep’ to make this epic video.