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Glean Advice From Top Creators With New YouTube Pro Series

A new series on the Partner Support YouTube channel aims to help you learn about the ins and outs, dos and don'ts of YouTube from the best of the best. The monthly series is called YouTube Pro Series. Check out the trailer after the jump.

Get Inspired By This Compilation of 187 Beautifully-Shot Videos

Luc Bergeron aka Zapatou is going viral today with an amazing compilation of 187 inspirational web videos. This compilation is inspiring on multiple levels - the footage he uses is not only beautifully-shot but also features awe-inspiring things - crazy extreme sports, sick views and more.

Street Fighter + Kittens = A Video Your Mood Can’t Afford To Miss

Considering it's a Friday evening and the first day of Summer, odds are you're probably already in a pretty good mood. But you're about to be in an even better one. Why? Street Fighter kittens is why.

YouTube Guesses What You Want To Watch With Experimental ‘Watch Now’ Feature

The Google Operating System blog reports that a new experimental feature will place a link, complete with thumbnail and 'Watch now' call-to-action, to whatever video it thinks your searching for.

Break Media Launches Search For The Next Great Filmmaker with Eight $20,000 Prizes

Break Media and New Regency are giving eight filmmakers $20,000 each to shoot their own short film and the chance to win the ultimate prize - a feature film deal. Think you have what it takes? Then get ready to show your stuff in the Prototype competition.

‘The Haunting Of Sunshine Girl’ Star On The Key To YouTube Success

19-year old Sunshine is the star of The Haunting of Sunshine Girl, a paranormal YouTube series with over 48,000 subscribers and 22 million video views to date. We spoke with Sunshine to find out more about her experience with YouTube.

Subblime: Pinterest For YouTubers & Their Subscribers

Subblime is opening new doors for popular and influential YouTubers to connect with subscribers (and make a little extra cash on the side). Find out more after the jump.

Is There a Formula for YouTube Success? [Study]

Is there a formula for YouTube success? An ideal video length or upload schedule? A specific approach a creator should take to writing metadata like descriptions and tags, or a fool proof strategy for sharing videos on Twitter or Facebook?

YouTube Celebrates 75M Facebook Fans With Playlist of Most-Shared Videos

YouTube now has over 75 million Facebook fans and, to celebrate, they've put together a playlist of videos that their Facebook fan base has shared most over the years.

How One YouTuber Turned His Online Video Passion Into A Full Time Career

Meet Oli White. Oli is 18-years old and when asked what he does for a living he explains, "Everything I do is YouTube related." From making his own videos, to travelling around the world making videos for brands, Oli has turned his passion into a career.