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Watch: Copenhagen Philharmonic Gives Flash Mob Subway Performance

Last Summer the Copenhagen Philharmonic went viral with a flash mob at Copenhagen Central Station, Denmark’s largest train station.  Today they’re going viral again–this time with a flash performance on a Copenhagen Metro train.

Hey Look! It’s Nyan Tom Waits!

Nyan Cat, the strange Pop-Tart cat meme that flies through the air farting rainbows while singing the equally catchy and annoying tune “Nyan-nyan-nyan-nyan-nyan,” has just been made over, Tom Waits style.

Watch: If YouTube Was Invented In The 90s…

What if YouTube would have been invented in the 90s?  Squirrel Monkey hazards a guess in a hilarious new video that’s going viral this morning.

Double Take’s ‘Hot Problems’ Is Even Worse Than Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’

Ever since Rebecca Black went viral last March when her video for ‘Friday’ was touted as “The Worst Music Video Ever” the world has been looking for someone to outdo her.  It looks like it may have finally happened.

Can I Haz Baby Sea Lion? [Video]

Prepare yourself because you’re about to be walloped with cuteness!  An adorable video of a baby sea lion is going viral this morning and it is so freakin’ adorable I can hardly contain myself.

This Is The Most Dramatic Flash Mob You’ve Ever Seen

TNT wanted to do something special for the launch of their TV channel in Belgium so they set up a big red button in them middle of an average Flemish square in an average Flemish town with a sign that read ‘Push To Add Drama.’  Pushing the

Regular Joe Convinces Shoppers He’s A Celebrity In Awesome YouTube Mall Prank

On an ordinary Saturday, a guy named Thomas and a few of his friends headed to the mall and attempted to convince shoppers that he was a big celeb.  They uploaded the hilarious results to YouTube and the video is going viral today.

‘A Show With Ze Frank’ Has Officially Launched (Woop-Woop!)

Back in February, Ze Frank launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring back ‘The Show With Ze Frank’, his  amazing 2006 daily video program that blew the minds of viewers across the web.  This week Ze’s new show, ‘A Show With Ze Frank,’ has officially launched.

YouTube Launches 2D To 3D Conversion For 1080p Video Uploads

Here’s some pretty sweet news out of YouTube today–the video site has announced that they are now letting users turn their 2D videos into 3D videos, automatically.

Take A Break And Look Into This Dog’s Eyes For Awhile

How’s it going at work?  Feeling stressed?  Need a break?  Stop what you’re doing and look into this dog’s eyes for awhile.