I am my own catIf you’ve got a cat and like making videos, you’re going to love this! Friskies is hosting their second annual “major award show” for the best new cat videos – The Friskies – and five lucky winners will be awarded with $5000 plus an all-expense paid trip to NYC (and 20 lucky cats will be awarded with a year supply of Friskies cat food and treats!).

How does it work? Cat owners (or family or friends of cat owners, I guess!) are invited to submit cat videos across four categories, defined as follows by the official contest rules:

  1. Cat Comedy: capture a cat (or multiple cats) in a humorous situation
  2. Rescue Cat: capture a cat (or multiple cats) adopted from a rescue group or shelter enjoying life
  3. Catventure: capture a cat (or multiple cats) on an indoor adventure
  4. Pursuit of food/treat: capture a cat (or multiple cats) pursuing or engaging with their cat food/treat

Creators are invited to submit their entries through 12 noon ET, July 15, 2013. A panel of judges will select up to 5 finalists in each category and a public vote will follow. Three semi-finalists in each category will be flown to NYC for The Friskies award show in October where one finalist in each category, plus a fan favorite, will be awarded $5000 and a cat trophy. Yay!

You can check out all the videos that have been submitted so far in the Friskies gallery of entries to see what your competition looks like. You can also check out last year’s winning videos below, to get an idea for what the judges are looking for. You can click here to view all of last year’s finalists. (Note that last year’s categories were different.)

2012 Grand Prize Winner: “Oskar’s First Toys”

2013 “Catness” Category Winner: “Black Cat Stick ’em Up!”

2012 “Catventure” Category Winner: “Cardboard Dreams”

2012 “Catchall” Category Winner: “Kitty Plays Fetch”

2012 “Cat Comedy” Category Winner: “Cat Alarm Clock”