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The Complete List of YouTube Easter Eggs

How fun are Easter eggs? We've put together a list of all of em' including the Doge Meme, Harlem Shake, Missile Command, and more!

20 Free YouTube One Channel Art Designs

Here are 20 exclusive YouTube One Channel designs to help you take your channel to the next level. They're free to use, modify and build upon courtesy of

Brace Yourselves: Prancercise Parodies Are Coming!

Goodbye Harlem Shake, Hello Prancercise! If you haven't yet discovered the latest ridiculous YouTube meme, enjoy the peace and quiet while you can, because the Internet is about to get bombarded with Prancercise references, videos, GIFs and more.

8 Awesome Animal Videos That Went Viral This Week

This week was a big one for animal videos going viral, so we decided to put together a list of the best.

5 Things To Think About Before Choosing A YouTube Username

So you want to start a new YouTube channel, eh?  You’ve got a great idea for the type of videos you want to make, or maybe you’ve even got your first video ready to upload and now all you have to do is create a kickass username

10 Of The Most Viral Adele Covers On YouTube

Adele covers have been blowing up on YouTube ever since Adele hit the music scene.  Everyone loves to cover Adele’s music, and millions of YouTube views seem to indicate that everyone loves listening to covers of her music as well.  After seeing a couple of new Adele