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The Secret to Making Your YouTube Gaming Channel Stand Out

One new channel seems to have discovered the secret to getting noticed in the Wild West of video gaming on YouTube and that secret is...wait for it...Habanero peppers!

Watch Mark Malkoff Get Carried Around NYC in an Adult-Sized Baby Bjorn

Back in 2010, Mark Malkoff was carried 9.4 miles by random strangers in NYC. In his latest video, he's getting carried around NYC again - but this time he's in a make-shift Baby Bjorn and being carried by Grizz Chapman from NBC's 30 Rock.

Oh Look! It’s a goat with hands eating dinner!

This video is probably the best video of a goat with hands having dinner ever made! Jemima, "the internet's most sophisticated Goat," enjoys "a sophisticated meal of Apples and Red Wine."

Rock Out with DJ Earworm’s 2013 Summer Mashup

The Summer is here (yay!) and, for many of you, it's a long weekend complete with fireworks and barbecues. DJ Earworm, one of the Internet's favorite mashup artists, has pulled through, uploading your ultimate Summer jam to YouTube, just in time for the festivities.

5 Expert Tips For Working With Brands on YouTube Projects

In the first session of the YouTubes Pro Series, a panel of successful YouTubers, including Elle Walker, Dane Boedigheimer, Kurt Hugo Schneider and Spencer Griffin of College Humor, give advice on how to work with brands.

YouTube Celebrates Pride Month With Awesome LGBT Compilation & Spotlight Channel

YouTube is #ProudToLove the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community and they're showing their support by showcasing a collection of LGBT-themed videos on the YouTube Spotlight channel and a tear-jerking video highlighting the LGBT community on YouTube.

Learn How to Vlog from the ‘World’s Best Vlog Ever’

A tongue-in-cheek video from YouTuber Anthony Nold is making the rounds today, showcasing some of the most commonly used practices in vlogging.

YouTube Copyright Basics Explained… By Puppets!

Copyright on YouTube can be a big ol' ball of confusingness and trying to learn about the nitty gritty details can be less than interesting. YouTube aims to make copyright law a bit more fun with a new video from lovable puppets Mario and Fafa.

Get Inspired By This Compilation of 187 Beautifully-Shot Videos

Luc Bergeron aka Zapatou is going viral today with an amazing compilation of 187 inspirational web videos. This compilation is inspiring on multiple levels - the footage he uses is not only beautifully-shot but also features awe-inspiring things - crazy extreme sports, sick views and more.

Street Fighter + Kittens = A Video Your Mood Can’t Afford To Miss

Considering it's a Friday evening and the first day of Summer, odds are you're probably already in a pretty good mood. But you're about to be in an even better one. Why? Street Fighter kittens is why.