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Thug Notes Takes On The Great Gatsby…And It’s Gangsterlicious

Literature can be so gangster and Sparky Sweets, PhD. is proving it in an awesome new web series called Thug Notes. Sparky Sweets drops some knowledge about The Great Gatsby after the jump.

YouTube Project Puts Traditional Beauty Standards In Their Place

"Beauty can be big, small, wide, thin, brown, yellow, purple, green, blue, pink, short, thin, fat - it can mean anything and everything" says YouTuber Gloria Shuri Nava. Gloria tapped her YouTube subscriber base to help her get this message out.

Thug Notes: The Gangsterest Cliffs Notes You’ve Ever Seen

Get ready to meet Sparky Sweets, PhD. Host of "Thug Notes," the gangsterest video version of Cliffs Notes you've ever seen, Sparky Sweets is all about droppin' "some of da illest classical literature summary and analysis that you ever heard."

Band Sets World Record For Most Costume Changes In A One-Take Music Video

The latest music video from Eytan and the Embassy has set a world record for the most costume changes in a one-take music video.  Over the course of the four-minute video, singer Eytan Oren makes 18 costume changes, including everything from Elvis to David Bowie, Prince, Lady Gaga

Thumbs Up For Rock And Roll Gets An Awesome Parody… 20 Years Later

Back in June of 2011 a little boy went viral with a motivational speech that he gave after learning how to ride a bike.  Today, just over a year later, a parody of the video is going viral featuring the same speech twenty years later.

Overly Attached Girlfriend Returns To Creep Out Carly Rae Jepsen

Earlier this month YouTuber wzr0713, aka the Overly Attached Girlfriend, went viral and achieved meme status with her video ‘JB Fanvideo’, an uber-creepy video parody of Justin Bieber’s ‘Girlfriend’.  The video has racked up a whopping 5.7 million views since June 6.  Today the Overly Attached Girlfriend is

Watch: Copenhagen Philharmonic Gives Flash Mob Subway Performance

Last Summer the Copenhagen Philharmonic went viral with a flash mob at Copenhagen Central Station, Denmark’s largest train station.  Today they’re going viral again–this time with a flash performance on a Copenhagen Metro train.

Hey Look! It’s Nyan Tom Waits!

Nyan Cat, the strange Pop-Tart cat meme that flies through the air farting rainbows while singing the equally catchy and annoying tune “Nyan-nyan-nyan-nyan-nyan,” has just been made over, Tom Waits style.

Watch: If YouTube Was Invented In The 90s…

What if YouTube would have been invented in the 90s?  Squirrel Monkey hazards a guess in a hilarious new video that’s going viral this morning.

Double Take’s ‘Hot Problems’ Is Even Worse Than Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’

Ever since Rebecca Black went viral last March when her video for ‘Friday’ was touted as “The Worst Music Video Ever” the world has been looking for someone to outdo her.  It looks like it may have finally happened.