Ever since Rebecca Black went viral last March when her video for ‘Friday’ was touted as “The Worst Music Video Ever” the world has been looking for someone to outdo her.  It looks like it may have finally happened.

Today a pretty bad music video is going viral as well and the Huffington Post, Gawker, and the Inquisiter are saying that it just may be the new worst music video of all time.  The song, sung by a teen duo called Double Take, was uploaded to a YouTube channel called OldBailyProductions on Sunday and has taken off over the past couple of days, racking up 230,000 views so far.  The duo sings about how “hot girls have problems too – we’re just like you, except we’re hot” in very out of tune voices.  But being in tune doesn’t matter when you’re hot, right?

Of course, the 230,000 views is still a far cry from the over 167 million views that Rebecca Black racked up, and let’s be honest–part of the reason ‘Friday’ was such a hit is that it seemed to be totally serious and it seems like Double Take tried their hardest to make a bad video (I hope?).  All I know is that I would much rather listen to ‘Friday’ than ‘Hot Problems’ any day.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think.  Is this the worst song of all time?