Elly Awesome, the face and brains behind the YouTube channel AppChat, has racked up over 40,000 subscribers and 6 million views with her technology-inspired sketches, app reviews and more. I had the opportunity to speak with Elly to find out more about how she got started and found her niche on YouTube, as well as to glean some advice for those of you looking to get into the YouTube game.

20-year old Elly has been making YouTube videos about technology, and more specifically apps and gaming, since 2010. Last month, she was selected as one of fifteen YouTubers to be a part of the Next Vlogger program–an elite group of vloggers, hand selected by YouTube to receive special training, production equipment, and the opportunity to collaborate.

I asked Elly to tell me about how she got started making YouTube videos. She told me, “I’ve been watching YouTube videos since around 2007. I would always share them with my friends and admired how people making these videos by themselves could be so entertaining. I love to make other people happy and I wanted to be a part of the YouTube community and entertain people too.

“I’ve had multiple YouTube channels over the years trying to find my niche. One day I saw other people making videos about technology on YouTube and in 2010 I made ‘AppChat’ where I talked about awesome apps you could get for the iPod Touch. At the time my iPod Touch was my favorite piece of technology and because I was a young teen with not a lot of money I would search for my favorite free apps (games) to download. I shared my favorite apps through YouTube videos and at this time apps were just starting to become a big thing (and I was passionate about talking about them) so I think that’s why I gathered a following.”

Over the years, Elly has built up a reputation with her app reviews and technology videos and says, “These days I get multiple emails every day with requests from developers to review their apps.”

Since the early days of AppChat, Elly has branched out to product reviews, general vlogging about life and skits, and she’s even dabbled in rapping (as you can see in this awesome music video about the ’90s):

It’s pretty evident from all of Elly’s videos that she’s having a lot of fun and she’s really passionate about what she’s doing. When I asked her what advice she’d give someone looking to start vlogging she said, “Make sure you’re enjoying what you’re doing and not just trying to achieve fame or recognition! When I first started making YouTube videos I didn’t show my face and I wasn’t quite as enthusiastic but you just need to start.”

It may be difficult at first, she says, but as you begin making videos you’ll improve your shooting and editing skills and gain confidence on camera. “It’s all just practice and experimenting. But I will say this – put some lights on! Good lighting makes all the difference between a good and bad looking video.”

Check out more of Elly’s videos below or head over to YouTube.com/AppChat to subscribe and watch them all!