When most people hear the term “vlogger”, they think of YouTubers sitting in their bedrooms, talking directly to their subscribers through their webcams. But “vlogger” Emily Diana Ruth, aka EMILIEOFNEWGLOOM, puts a different, incredibly artistic, spin on vlogging. I had the opportunity to talk to Emily to find out more about her unique style, how she got started making YouTube videos, and what advice she has for those that may be thinking about getting into the YouTube game.

Emily told me, “I started making videos right after I graduated from University. I was living in Toronto and my last year was a bit of a whirlwind and I wanted to break from the hustle and bustle so I decided to move up to my Nana and Papa’s for the summer where they have a quiet house on the lake. There was never internet there so I was looking forward to cutting myself off from the world a bit, but in lieu of my visit they decided to get it. This turned out to be a good thing because I was… pretty bored. I didn’t have many people to hang out with and I was missing my friends a lot. Discovering the YouTube that I now know was a happy accident and I was completely enthralled by this community that had grown under everyone’s noses.

“It took about a month of marathoning Brotherhood 2.0 and familiarizing myself with all of these people before I started feeling like I wanted to contribute in some way. It took me a long time to figure out how I was going to do that because the thought of talking to a camera was horrifying, and also, just wasn’t really me. I had just been at film school for 4 years where the motto is ‘show don’t tell’ and visual storytelling was kind of drilled into me at that point. I wound up finding a couple channels that were defying what I had learned was the norm and realized that I could too. Then it just kind of snowballed.”

Last week, Emily became one of YouTube’s Next Vloggers–an elite group of vloggers, hand-picked by YouTube and rewarded with equipment, training and the opportunity to collaborate. Her unique style stands out in the video she created about the Next Vlogger program:

I asked Emily how she came into this more artistic style of vlogging. She explained that her “influence has definitely been filmmaking and not necessarily vlogging. I was much too shy in the beginning (still am, really) to sit and chat to the camera so I just sort of frankensteined this style of visual storytelling mixed with some talking-head stuff until I found a balance I was comfortable with.”

On the advice front, Emily says, “The best advice (and advice that is given often) is to just start. Just make your first video. It’s really important to finish what you start, in any art, in order to learn and grow. You’re allowed to make bad stuff, just make it honest. Another thing I would say is to try to think outside of what you think the definition of ‘vlogging’ is. When I first started watching vloggers I knew that I could never do what they do, so I thought I was never going to find a place for myself on the website. You can do whatever you want, someone will want to watch it. And who cares if no one watches it, make stuff for yourself.”

You can check out some of Emily’s favorite videos below or head over to her channel to subscribe and watch ’em all!