Anthony NoldA tongue-in-cheek video from YouTuber Anthony Nold is making the rounds today, showcasing some of the most commonly used practices in vlogging, from the “short sentence that grabs your attention and hints at what I’m gonna be talking about” to cuts in between sentences, dramatizations, random wardrobe changes, camera angle changes, and more.

In a comment on the YouTube video page Nold explains, “I’m not saying any of those things are bad, they are just used in vlogs.” It’s true – they are used in vlogs. A lot. But he’s right – none of these things are necessarily bad. They are just the things that define the vlog “genre.” That being said, drawing attention to all of them in a single video is pretty entertaining and ridiculous.

All I know is that from now on, whenever anyone asks me what a “vlog” is (and this happens quite frequently) I’ll just send them a link to this video.

Check out the video below and let us know how many of these tactics you use in your own vlogs. Does seeing them pointed out in this fashion make you want to stop or have you been inspired to start using more of these typical vlogging strategies?