Improv Everywhere has released their latest prank and it sure is a doozy!  They’ve taken eight sets of quadruplets and put them all together in a New York park, resulting in a surreal experience for anyone who happened to be walking through the park.

Charlie Todd wrote on the Improv Everywhere blog, “This mission is a sequel to our Human Mirror mission from 2008 where we had fifteen pairs of identical twins on the same subway car.”

Todd writes, “Just like our Human Mirror mission I reached out to our mailing list to see if anyone knew any identical quadruplets.  They are very rare, so I wasn’t sure what kind of response we’d get.  To my surprise within a couple of days we had leads on eight sets of quadruplets that lived in the greater New York area.”

Note: Don’t read any further until you’ve seen the video.

Upon seeing the video I was amazed, but I asked myself, how the heck did they actually find eight sets of quadruplets?  I mean, are there really that many quadruplets in the world?  And all around the same age?  And all with the same exact haircuts?  And all in New York?

Turns out this prank was too good to be true.  In a blog post that went up today, Todd writes, “If you haven’t figured it out by now, the Quadruplets mission was our annual April Fool’s hoax.  We teamed up with filmmaker Cameron Sun and had him create some awesome visual effects.  All of the ‘quadruplets’ were single actors mixed with Cam’s special effects.  Identical quadruplets are of course very rare, 1 in 13 million.  One estimate guesses that there have only been 67 sets of identical quadruplets born ever.  So the likelihood of us being able to assemble eight sets in New York via our mailing list was pretty preposterous.”

I don’t know about you, but the fact that this turned out to be fake bums me out.  But still, kudos to Improv Everywhere on a pretty freakin’ awesome April Fools’ hoax!