Jenna Marbles MoneyYouTube success has always been a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. At least, until recently. An infographic from Masters in Marketing called ‘The Economics of Going Viral’ purports that, thanks to the entire industry that now surrounds YouTube stars, viral videos have become more than one-time flukes.

The infographic takes a look at the managers, PR programs, award shows, huge production spaces and content networks that are at top creators’ disposal and explores how far YouTube has become from the days when creators simply crossed their fingers and hoped their cat video would “go viral.”

The big problem with infographics about YouTube is that the state of the video giant changes so frequently that they quickly become outdated. For instance, this infographic’s report of the Top Ten YouTube Channels is no longer accurate. But there’s lots of other great info here that we thought was worth sharing, including how much TubeMogul estimates Jenna Marbles makes ($346,827.12 in 2012!), how many YouTube videos are copyrighted material posted without the owner’s consent (a third of all YouTube videos) and more.

You can find up-to-date stats on the most-subscribed to Youtube channels on VidStatsX and all the latest YouTube stats, from hours of video uploaded a minute to number of users and more on the YouTube Statistics page.

The Economics of Going Viral