There are lots of things that I love about YouTube, but two of my favorite things about the site are interactive video campaigns and the amazing doors that YouTube opens in the world of education (you’ll probably find me posting a lot on both of these subjects).  The two come together in a fun interactive video quiz that YouTube EDU put together to promote some of their new educational channels.

The quiz is a fun way to test your knowledge about random factoids that you may (or may not) have learned about in school, while getting a glimpse into five of the brand new educational channels that YouTube launched earlier this month.  There are five questions, one each from the Vlog Brothers’ ‘Crash Course’, ‘The Spangler Effect’ starring Steve Spangler, astronomy channel ‘Deep Sky Videos’, TEDEd, and the ‘Sci Show’ with Hank Green.

Check out the interactive quiz below–You’ll be asked to click on the annotations at the end of each video to give your answer.  I’m a little bit ashamed to admit that I only got 2 out of 5 right–looks like I need to start watching more YouTube EDU videos!

How did you do?  Share your score with us in the comments below!