Hot Pepper GamingVideo gaming is one of the most popular niches on YouTube, but with literally millions of channels created around video games (or at least including some videos about them) it can be nearly impossible to stand out. But one new channel seems to have discovered the secret to getting noticed in the Wild West of video gaming on YouTube and that secret is…wait for it…Habanero peppers!

A new channel called HotPepperGaming released the first episode of it’s review show, Hot Pepper Game Reviews, and it’s really starting to heat up (get it? “heat up”? punny, eh?) thanks to coverage from KotakuThe Daily Dot and others. The channel reached 2,000 subscribers in 24 hours!

HotPepperGaming is self-described as “Your only source for in-depth game reviews and also hot pepper reviews at the same time.” The first episode basically consists of a dude (Jared Rosen) eating a Habanero pepper and then attempting to review Deadpool. It’s not clear whether it’s going to always be Jared doing the reviews, or whether it’s always going to be Habanero peppers, but one thing’s for certain – this format is incredibly entertaining.

When I say that the secret to making your YouTuber gaming channel stand out is Habanero peppers, I’m clearly being facetious. That being said, I do think that creators with video game channels can learn a few helpful lessons from Hot Pepper Game reviews:

1. Do something different! – As I mentioned, there are already a heck of a lot of people making YouTube videos about video games, mostly consisting of let’s play videos and game reviews. Now, unless you have a crazy infectious personality (not that I’m sure you’re not charming and hilarious, but I’m talking infectious personality on par with super power), it’s going to be hard to stand out in the crowd – unless you do something different! Eating hot peppers before reviewing games is different and I’m sure, if you put some thought into it, you can come up with something different too.

2. Don’t think you have to break the mold entirely – Doing something different doesn’t necessarily mean pulling a brand new, never-been-done idea out of thin air. In fact, you’ll probably be hard-pressed to come up with an idea that’s never been done before. But you can (and should) put a new spin on an idea that’s been successful for other people. A bunch of people have already racked up millions of views on YouTube for videos of themselves eating hot peppers (here’s one and here’s one). HotPepperGames simply put a new spin on an old trend, bringing together 2 things people love on YouTube – video game reviews and people eating hot peppers – and it totally works.

3. Appeal to a wider audience – This one sort of depends on what you’re intentions are. If you’re a hard core gamer that is serious about serving up great quality content for other gamers this probably doesn’t apply to you. But if your objective is to entertain, just as much as it is to pay homage to the world of video games, then you can try creating content that appeals to a wider audience to increase views. This game review is entertaining even if you aren’t a gamer, have no idea what Deadpool is and could care less, and that’s part of why it’s racking up the views today.

What’s your take on Hot Pepper Game Reviews? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!