Mark Malkoff Carried like a babyBack in 2010, Mark Malkoff was carried 9.4 miles by random strangers in NYC. In his latest video, he’s getting carried around NYC again – but this time he’s in a make-shift Baby Bjorn and being carried by Grizz Chapman from NBC’s 30 Rock.

Mark Malkoff: Carried Like A Baby is the latest in a series of challenges Mark imposes on himself, based on things that peak his curiosity. Previous “Mark Malkoff Challenge” videos include Free Money, in which he tried to give money away on the streets of NYC.  “I really wanted to see if people on the streets of New York would take free money,” Mark told me via email. “Only maybe ten percent did.” He’s also challenged himself to go trick-or-treating in March, take really short cab rides, be a successful artist in NYC, and more.

In this latest challenge, 5’7 Mark gets carried by 7’0 Grizz around the city and the results are pretty priceless. “You know you’re doing something right when jaded New Yorkers are freaking out over something,” Mark said.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think!