Meet Audri.  He’s in first grade and he made a Rube Goldberg machine!  Audri’s sweet Rube Goldberg machine, which utilizes everything from dominoes and marbles to a toaster and a wine glass to trap a monster, is going viral today after being featured on OK Go’s Facebook page.

Audri was inspired by OK Go’s own Rube Goldberg video for their song ‘This Too Shall Pass’, and actually featured the song in his own video.  Little Audri, who is some kind of mini-genius, takes us through the steps of his own Rube Goldberg chain reaction and makes his hypothesis about how many attempts it will take before the machine actually works.

In the end, he blows his own predictions out of the water and we can’t help but cheer right along with him when his machine successfully traps the monster.  Check the video out below and let us know what you think.  Who’s inspired to build a Rube Goldberg machine of their own?

Update, March 15, 2011: According to an updated YouTube video description, Audry is 7, which means that he’s probably in either second or third grade, not first.  However, he was already making working Rube Goldberg machines at the age of 5, as you can see in the video below:

The YouTube description says, “Audri is 7.  He wants to be a theoretical physicist when he grows up and has big plans to study robotics at MIT.  Audri’s favorite scientists include Billy Nye, Beakman, the Mythbusters, Steve Spangler and Joseph Herscher.”