Making videos is loads of fun, but sometimes trying to come up with the idea for your next video endeavor can be a headache.  If you’re stumped for ideas, a new series from MysteryGuitarMan might be just what you need to get inspired.

YouTube talent company Big Frame has launched a new YouTube content channel called BAMMO that will feature shows from five of the YouTubers they represent—Tay Zonday, DeStorm, Mike Diva, Corridor Digital and Joe Penna aka MysteryGuitarMan.  Penna’s show, Sandbox, is perfect for when you’re in need of a little bit of inspiration for your next video project.

Sandbox is all about inspiring other YouTubers to create great content.  On the weekly series, which goes up every Thursday on BAMMO, “MysteryGuitarMan presents a weekly challenge to fans & other artists.” Viewers are invited to create and submit videos on a theme given by Penna.  Big Frame checks out all the videos that are submitted and the best ones are featured on the following week’s episode (having your video presented to BAMMO’s growing audience is a great extra little perk!).

Check out today’s Sandbox episode (the theme is cartoon) and let us know what you think!  What do you think of the submitted videos?  Will you be using MysteryGuitarMan’s Sandbox for inspiration?