It’s been a wild ride for OK Go since they released their album ‘Of The Blue Color Of The Sky’ two years ago.  They’ve made a slew of awesome viral music videos, working with dog trainers, marching bands, stunt car driving trainers, engineers, dancers, “toast animators” and more but it’s the end of an era.  This week they released their final video from the album and are preparing for their next adventure.

Lead singer Damian Kalush has uploaded a personal video message to YouTube, in which he talks about the ‘Of The Blue Color Of The Sky’ adventure.

Over the past two years the band has created awesome music videos for all but four of the songs on their album and Kalush invites fans to carry on the tradition as the band heads back into the studio to work on their next album.  “You should be making awesome stuff.  There are four songs on this album that don’t have videos yet.  We’re not gonna make videos for them, so you should.  You go make videos.  Make them good.  Don’t send shitty videos to us.  We don’t want to see shitty videos.”

And here’s the final video from OK Go’s album—a video for ‘Skyscrapers’ made by Damian’s sister Trish Sie.  Check it out and let us know what you think.  What is your favorite OK Go video so far?  Will you try your hand at making a video for one of the four videoless songs?