Meet Oli White. Oli is 18-years old and when asked what he does for a living he explains, “Everything I do is YouTube related.” From making his own videos, to travelling around the world making videos presenting for Guinness World Records and creating content for Volvic, Oli has turned his passion for creating videos into a career. I had the opportunity to speak with him to find out more.

Oli posts videos to his YouTube channel, OliWhiteTV, where he currently has 157,700 subscribers and over 4.4 million video views. Last month he was selected as one of YouTube’s Next Vloggers of 2013 – an elite group of YouTubers, handpicked by YouTube and rewarded with production equipment, industry expert training, and the opportunity to collaborate. He tells me, “I’ve been making videos for a couple of years now but only recently started taking it seriously and treating it like a business.”

Things really began to take off for Oli in September of last year, when he tells me he received a call from Base79, the EMEA-based YouTube network that represents him. They told him about a great opportunity to travel around the world presenting for Guinness World Records. He auditioned, got the gig and embarked on an amazing adventure, travelling around the world meeting the world’s fastest sheep, seeing the world’s largest pizza and the burger with the most calories, and even setting a record of his own. “That’s right,” he says, “I’m the fastest in the world at eating a doughnut without licking my lips or using my hands!”

Oli is now creating content for Volvic Water as well:

If you’re thinking about beginning to take YouTube more seriously and treating making videos as a business, Oli says, “The YouTube Creator Playbook is brilliant and will teach you everything you need to know about YouTube. You also need to be different. No one is going to watch you if you’re doing something someone has done already.”

Despite the fact that Oli is now making a living through YouTube, he doesn’t recommend doing YouTube solely for money. “The main bit of advice I give everyone is if you’re doing it because you want money or to become ‘famous’, don’t do it because that’s the wrong attitude and people will see that. Do it because you love it.”