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22 Month Old Baby Climbs A Rock Climbing Wall…Seriously

Here’s one you’ve got to see to believe.  This morning a video of a 22 month old baby girl climbing a rock-climbing wall to retrieve toys is going viral, having racked up over 169,000 views so far.

YouTube On The Hunt For Awesome Vloggers & They’ve Got Rewards

YouTube wants to know, “Do you have what it takes to be the ‘Next’ great YouTube Vlogger?”
Last week Barack Obama sang the chorus in the Eminem spoof ‘Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up.’  This week he’s singing again.  This time it’s LMFAO’s “Sexy And I Know It.”

Checklist: Setting Up Your New YouTube Channel

Last week we talked about how to choose a new YouTube username.  Now that you’ve put some thought into it and come up with an unbelievably awesome username and created an account, it’s time to get your new YouTube channel set up.  We’ve put together a helpful

These Cows Are The Happiest Cows You’ve Ever Seen

A group of cows was released from their indoor winter housing this month and got to frolic in the fields for the first time in months.  Their happiness in contagious.

Madonna’s New Music Video Is Too Hot For YouTube

Madonna’s latest music video, ‘Girl Gone Wild’, is quickly racking up the views but only among YouTube’s 18-and-up crowd. 
If you’ve checked out any blog posts or websites with embedded YouTube videos over the past couple of days you may have noticed that the embedded player looks a little bit different.

Need an idea for your next YouTube video? MysteryGuitarMan can help!

Making videos is loads of fun, but sometimes trying to come up with the idea for your next video endeavor can be a headache.  If you’re stumped for ideas, a new series from MysteryGuitarMan might be just what you need to get inspired.

Paraplegic Girl Goes Bungee Jumping In Her Wheelchair

Here’s something you don’t see every day.  A paraplegic girl went bungee jumping in her wheelchair in Whistler, British Columbia and a video of the jump is going viral, with over 300,000 views so far.

Hoax: Guy Straps On Bird Wings & Flies Like A Bird…Or Does He?

An amazing video called ‘Flying like a bird’ is going viral today of a guy literally flying like a bird with a pair of custom-made bird wings.