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Maker’s Jilted CEO Delays Disney Deal with Lawsuit – UPDATED

It looked like the $500 million marriage between Maker Studios and the House of Mouse was all but final, but it seems that one interested party couldn’t be persuaded to hold his peace.  Though the deal has been widely covered in the industry media, including here on

My Damn Channel Becomes Omnivision Entertainment: Can The MCN Leave Its Baggage Behind?

In a nod to the increasing professionalization of the online video space pioneering comedy MCN My Damn Channel is undergoing a rebrand.

The Great MCN Grab Continues: AwesomenessTV Acquires Big Frame

Following on the heels of last weeks watershed announcement that Disney would acquire seminal Multi-Channel Network Maker Studios the MCN landscape shifted again today with the of another major acquisition.

Maker and The Mouse: How Disney’s Acquistion Could Change MCN Land

With a rumored price tag of $500 million the Walt Disney Company has closed a deal to acquire seminal Multi-Channel Network, Maker Studios.

Playing Around with iStopMotion for Mac [Review]

I'm a huge stop motion animation fanatic. Huge. So I was pretty psyched when someone from Boinx Software reached out to me to ask if I'd like to check out iStopMotion for Mac and iStopMotion for iPad.

The Complete List of YouTube Easter Eggs

How fun are Easter eggs? We've put together a list of all of em' including the Doge Meme, Harlem Shake, Missile Command, and more!

Recovering from a 4-month case of The Online Video Doldrums

I stopped writing about online video/YouTube/Teh Interwebz cold-turkey in August after covering it pretty much every day for three and a half years, and I figured it was high time to offer up an explanation.

The Secret to Making Your YouTube Gaming Channel Stand Out

One new channel seems to have discovered the secret to getting noticed in the Wild West of video gaming on YouTube and that secret is...wait for it...Habanero peppers!

Watch Mark Malkoff Get Carried Around NYC in an Adult-Sized Baby Bjorn

Back in 2010, Mark Malkoff was carried 9.4 miles by random strangers in NYC. In his latest video, he's getting carried around NYC again - but this time he's in a make-shift Baby Bjorn and being carried by Grizz Chapman from NBC's 30 Rock.

Oh Look! It’s a goat with hands eating dinner!

This video is probably the best video of a goat with hands having dinner ever made! Jemima, "the internet's most sophisticated Goat," enjoys "a sophisticated meal of Apples and Red Wine."