FullscreenHave you ever thought about applying to be a part of a YouTube creator network or wondered what the benefits of being part of a network are? Today online video network Fullscreen announced the launch of their brand new Fullscreen Creator Platform, and with it they’ve provided a super transparent overview of all the perks they make available to their creators.

The video below gives a preview of the new Fullscreen Creator Platform, which the company will “gradually be rolling out” to the over 10,000 YouTube creators in their network. If you’re interested in taking advantage of all Fullscreen has to offer, you can apply to become a creator at apply.fullscreen.net.

In addition to the new creator platform, Fullscreen is also launching a “Fullscreen Creators mobile app for iOS, with Android coming soon, so [creators] can keep up-to-date with [their] channel performance and more” no matter where they are.

The network is also launching a new suite of exclusive Fullscreen apps to help creators manage their channels, including an SEO Tracker App, a Trends App to help creators determine the best day and time to upload videos, and more. They’re also improving analytics, giving creators “unparalleled transparency into [their] earnings with up-to-date earnings reports, outstanding balance and detailed monthly financial statements that break earnings down to the channel- and video-levels,” and improving community features with the launch of a faster, improved Private Messaging system.

Are you part of a YouTube network or have you thought about joining one? We’d love to hear about your experience, or your questions, in the comments below.