Goodbye Harlem Shake, Hello Prancercise! If you haven’t yet discovered the latest ridiculous YouTube meme, enjoy the peace and quiet while you can, because the Internet is about to get bombarded with Prancercise references, videos, GIFs and more.

What’s Prancercise? Well, it’s only the latest in fitness! Created by Joanna Rohrback back in 1989, Prancercise is a fitness program inspired by horses and thanks to The Daily BeastJezebel, Huffington Post and a variety of other outlets and people that have posted about a five-month old Prancercise video over the past couple of days, Prancercise is now taking the internet by storm.

The Prancercise video that has already made its way into the hearts of folks across the web, with over 3 million views at the writing of this post, features Rohrback Prancercising around and saying awesome things like “stop talkin’ and do some walkin’!”

The parodies have already started rolling in and you can check some of them out below. For all you creators out there – we’re still early enough in the trend that if you jump on the bandwagon now and make a parody of your own, your chances of having your video be discovered and included in roundups is a lot higher than it’s going to be in a few days, and as you’ll see from the videos below, there’s still LOTS of room for creativity. So grab your camera and get Prancercising!