YouTube is swarming with video gamers. There are literally bajillions (ok, maybe not literally) of YouTubers uploading everything from game play videos to reviews, video game spoofs and parodies, and even streaming their game play live. With all this video game-related content, trying to stand out in the genre is a little like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla of Smosh, YouTube’s most-subscribed channel, aim to help gamers get their YouTube videos noticed with the Smosh Games Alliance.

The Smosh Games Alliance is self-described as “a community of channels built by and for extraordinary video game players and fans.”  The Smosh Games Alliance, first and foremost, will help aspiring YouTube gamers by providing them tips and advice on how to get noticed by the YouTube gamer community:

“We are dedicated to creating and supporting our community and providing you, the content creator, with smart tips and advice for: optimizing your YouTube channel(s), creating engaging content experiences/videos for your audience, and growing your channel.”

When you sign up for the Smosh Games Alliance, you’ll receive a few goodies:

  • A welcome kit, including basic tips and tricks for growing your channel
  • Smosh Games Alliance “badges” to display on your channel (not required)
  • A monthly SGA Newsletter with expert gaming and YouTube advice
Additionally, Smosh will feature some of the best (and most terrible) content from Smosh Games Alliance members in a weekly roundup show.

But wait – this isn’t just for kicks. The Smosh Games Alliance seems to be a genuine content creator network (even though their calling it an “alliance”) in which you’ll turn over your content to the “alliance” and share your revenue with them in exchange for their handy advice and the dream of being featured on one of their roundup shows. The following text can be found on the SGA sign up page:

“In order to join Smosh Games Alliance, my YouTube channel will be moved into the Alloy YouTube Network. A Smosh Games Alliance team member will be contacting you via email to coordinate your channel move; this will not happen automatically upon completing registration. We’ll work with you, so you know what’s happening during every step of this process. Additionally, I understand that I will receive 70% of my channel’s YouTube revenue on a monthly basis. More details on payment schedule will be sent in your Welcome Packet.”

I’ve reached out to SGA for more details on the type of agreement YouTubers will enter into when they sign up to join the alliance and will update this post as I learn more.