Subblime LogoSubblime is opening new doors for popular and influential YouTubers to connect with subscribers (and make a little extra cash on the side). The new “social hub for YouTube influencers,” which launched today backed by $500,000 in angel money, is basically what you would get if Pinterest, YouTube and social recommendation services like Snoox had a lovechild – a place where popular YouTubers can share lists of their favorite products with their subscribers and earn a piece of the revenue from any sales that result.

Founded by Adam Winnick, Kevin Stone and YouTube celeb Elle Walker, Subblime capitalizes on the fact that many popular YouTubers are already pushing their favorite products to fans and gives them a way to further monetize on this fact.

Winnick told Sam Gutelle of Tubefilter, “Subblime creates an authentic and actionable relationship between subscriber and creator oriented around products. Fans frequently inquire about YouTube influencers’ favorite things and now Subblime can help facilitate community and commerce around these curiosities. We’re already seeing off the chart click through rates and engagement from our beta testing.”

The site gives YouTube creators the opportunity to create lists of their favorite things, complete with photos, recommendations and calls-to-action to ‘Get It’ or ‘Fave It’. The screenshot below of Elle Walker’s, aka WhatsUpElle‘s, Subblime profile will give you an idea of how it works:

Subblime WhatsUpElle

A partner page on the Subblime website states, “We are working almost exclusively with YouTube channels affiliated with the largest multi-Channel Networks.” YouTubers interested in becoming Subblime partners can contact the company here. Merchants or brands looking to spread the word about their products are also invited to contact the company to pitch YouTube influencers about why their product is special and why they should introduce it to their audiences via Subblime.

The statement that the company is working almost exclusively with channels affiliated with big networks implies that only the biggest YouTubers will be accepted, but I’ve reached out to the company for more info on what criteria YouTubers need to meet in order to become partners. I will update this post with whatever I hear.

Update [June 18, 2013, 10:31pm ET]: A spokesperson for the company confirmed, “We are looking to influencers who could most benefit from the platform, so likely those generating revenues on YouTube would be ideal fits for Subblime.” Ultimately, though, the company isn’t limiting itself to YouTube, but “could be for traditional celebrities and influencers of all kinds.” They have started with YouTube though because YouTubers “have the most engaged audiences and their fans have organic curiosities around product.”

What do you think about this new service? Is it something you’d like to use to share your favorite things with your subscribers? Something you’d join to find out what your favorite YouTubers are recommending? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.