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Relativity Media Hunts Fullscreen – Are Independent MCN’s An Endangered Species?

Relativity Media is apparently dying to get into the Multi-Channel Network business. So much so that less than a month after their attempt to outbid Disney for Maker Studios fell flat the Hollywood studio is courting a new MCN. AdAge reports that Relativity has been making acquisition

Big News for Fullscreen – Two Coups for YouTube’s Largest MCN

While Tubegeeks has been hanging around at Newfronts one of the biggest players in online video, who is NOT presenting here has been making some big moves of their own. Fullscreen, YouTube’s largest independent multi-channel network has announced two major coups of its own this week. The

A Look into the Perks of Being a Fullscreen Creator

Today online video network Fullscreen announced the launch of their brand new Fullscreen Creator Platform, and with it they've provided a super transparent overview of all the perks they make available to their creators.