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First Grader Makes Amazing Monster-Trapping Rube Goldberg Machine [Updated]

Meet Audri.  He’s in first grade and he made a Rube Goldberg machine!  Audri’s sweet Rube Goldberg machine, which utilizes everything from dominoes and marbles to a toaster and a wine glass to trap a monster, is going viral today after being featured on OK Go’s Facebook

YouTube Prepares To Roll Out New Video Player Design

Over the past couple of months YouTube has been undergoing a major overhaul of their site design, launching new everything from a new homepage to new channel design, updates to the video editor, annotations and more.  The latest news is that in the coming weeks they’ll be launching

This 6-Second YouTube Video Is Sure To Make You Smile

Ladies and gentlemen…meet Pen Head!  This curly-haired kid is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  OK, maybe not guaranteed, but we think there’s at least a 9/10 chance that watching this will make you smile and if it doesn’t, well, at least it was only

Teens React: What Makes YouTuber Shane Dawson So Freakin’ Popular?

Shane Dawson is YouTube’s sixth most-subscribed to creator, with over 2.8 million subscribers on his main channel, ShaneDawsonTV.  Shane is known for his controversial humor and crazy shenanigans and the Fine Brothers set out to find out what it is about Shane that makes him so popular.

Paper Airplane FTW! The Record Breaking Flight You Have To See To Believe

What’s the farthest you’ve ever thrown a paper airplane?  15 feet?  30 feet?  Most people feel pretty good about themselves if they can get their paper airplane to make it to the other side of the living room, but paper airplane expert John Collins has created a

Introducing Tubegeeks: The Ultimate Online Video Fun-Fest

The condensed version (if you don’t like to read): Tubegeeks is the ultimate resource for all things YouTube, from news to fun viral videos, helpful guides and more.