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YouTube To Pay 1 Billion for Twitch – Cornering the Gameplay Market in One Easy Step

The online media world is swirling with rumors that YouTube is preparing to announce the acquisition of popular video game streaming platform Twitch. The deal, reportedly an all-cash offer of $1 billion, would be the largest in YouTube’s history. Formerly known as Justin.TV, the Twitch platform is

Ray William Johnson Joins “Who’s Driving Doug” – Former Prince of YouTube Launches Indie Film Career

The one time king of YouTube has been cast in an independent film opposite RJ Mitte (“Breaking Bad”) and Paloma Kwiatkowski (“Bates Motel”). “Who’s Driving Doug” is a film by writer William Carnick that tells the story of a disable recluse of considerable intellect taking a road

Upright Citizens Brigade Joins Above Average – A Comedy Focused MCN For An Iconic Comedy Brand

The Upright Citizens Brigade is easily one of the hottest brands in comedy right now. The improv troops famous alumni include Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer of Comedy Central’s Broad City, FUSE Network’s Billy Eichner, and all-purpose TV darling Amy Poehler.  A list of former and current

Bing Chen Leaves YouTube – Is His “Stealth Startup” Code for Yahoo?

Life on and around YouTube is changing rapidly. It seems like only yesterday that Google acquired the video site and instituted its partner program to allow content creators to share in the ad revenue generated by their videos. Today some of those same content creators adorn billboards

Relativity Media Hunts Fullscreen – Are Independent MCN’s An Endangered Species?

Relativity Media is apparently dying to get into the Multi-Channel Network business. So much so that less than a month after their attempt to outbid Disney for Maker Studios fell flat the Hollywood studio is courting a new MCN. AdAge reports that Relativity has been making acquisition

Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show Hits 3 Million Subs – Why It Matters for Mainstream TV

If you still need proof that YouTube and online video are making inroads into the strongholds of mainstream media, look no further than Jimmy Fallon. The new host of the Tonight Show has a mainstream media pedigree second to none. A former cast member on Saturday Night

Maker and The Mouse: How Disney’s Acquistion Could Change MCN Land

With a rumored price tag of $500 million the Walt Disney Company has closed a deal to acquire seminal Multi-Channel Network, Maker Studios.

The Complete List of YouTube Easter Eggs

How fun are Easter eggs? We've put together a list of all of em' including the Doge Meme, Harlem Shake, Missile Command, and more!

Recovering from a 4-month case of The Online Video Doldrums

I stopped writing about online video/YouTube/Teh Interwebz cold-turkey in August after covering it pretty much every day for three and a half years, and I figured it was high time to offer up an explanation.

The Secret to Making Your YouTube Gaming Channel Stand Out

One new channel seems to have discovered the secret to getting noticed in the Wild West of video gaming on YouTube and that secret is...wait for it...Habanero peppers!