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YouTubers Now Uploading Over 100 Hours of Video a Minute

YouTube is celebrating its eighth birthday with some big news--creators are now uploading more than 100 hours of video to the video site every minute, up from 72 hours a minute last May and 48 hours a minute in May 2011.

Smosh Wants To Help Your Video Game Videos Get Noticed On YouTube

Trying to stand out in the video game community on YouTube is a little like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla of Smosh aim to help gamers get their YouTube videos noticed with the Smosh Games Alliance.

YouTube Opens Live Streaming To All Creators With 1000+ Subscribers

The days of YouTube’s live streaming capabilities being an exclusive feature available only to select partners and non-profits are over.  Today the video site announced that they are opening up YouTube Live to all partners with over 1,000 subscribers and an account in good standing. Previously, YouTubers

It’s Official: YouTube Launches Paid Channels

This week the rumor mill has been working overtime with chatter about a new paid channel initiative on YouTube. Well folks, the rumors are true–today, according to the YouTube blog, the video site has launched “a pilot program for a small group of partners that will offer

YouTube Trends Map Visualizes Trending Videos By Demographic Across US

Ever wondered what other people like you were watching on YouTube?  Now you can find out what other people that share your own age/sex/location are watching on YouTube with the new YouTube Trends Map. YouTube Trends Manager Kevin Allocca explains on the YouTube Trends blog, “with the

YouTube Update Makes Uploading Less of a Drag

Sick and tired of sitting around with one eye on the screen while you upload videos to YouTube, waiting to see if they’ve finished uploading and processing and are ready to view?  Last night the video site announced that they’ve made a couple of improvements to make YouTube

Thumbs Up For Rock And Roll Gets An Awesome Parody… 20 Years Later

Back in June of 2011 a little boy went viral with a motivational speech that he gave after learning how to ride a bike.  Today, just over a year later, a parody of the video is going viral featuring the same speech twenty years later.

…And We’re Back!

Happy Monday, Tubegeeks!  You may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything for awhile.  I was busy moving from Israel (where I had been living for six and a half years) back to the United States.  Now that I’m back and settling into my normal everyday routine

Watch: If YouTube Was Invented In The 90s…

What if YouTube would have been invented in the 90s?  Squirrel Monkey hazards a guess in a hilarious new video that’s going viral this morning.

Double Take’s ‘Hot Problems’ Is Even Worse Than Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’

Ever since Rebecca Black went viral last March when her video for ‘Friday’ was touted as “The Worst Music Video Ever” the world has been looking for someone to outdo her.  It looks like it may have finally happened.