Shane Dawson is YouTube’s sixth most-subscribed to creator, with over 2.8 million subscribers on his main channel, ShaneDawsonTV.  Shane is known for his controversial humor and crazy shenanigans and the Fine Brothers set out to find out what it is about Shane that makes him so popular.

The Fine Brothers, Benny and Rafi, say in an email, “Shane has been featured in the NY Times, USA Today, Forbes and more, but what is it about Shane that makes young people watch?  Is it just because he is crazy?  Is it the message he has in his comedy?”  To find the answer, they asked twelve teens, ages 14 through 17, to share their opinions about Shane in the latest episode of their YouTube series Teens React.

The kids shared mixed opinions–some were huge Shane Dawson fans already, while others were seeing him for the first time and weren’t sure what to think.  Check out the video below to see the teens’ reactions for yourself.

Thanks to the Fine Brothers, I had the opportunity to interview Shane in December 2010 about a Christmas special that brothers collaborated with him on.  Shane told me, “My humor has always been inappropriate and unapologetic.  My childhood was very rough and my family relied on me to make the bad situations funny.  I think my audience relates to my humor because a lot of them are going through tough times and they know that I’m going to make them laugh and get them through it.  Anyone who is offended by my videos should know that my raunchy jokes and inappropriate subject matters come from a place of love and not hate.  For every person I offend with my videos I know that there are hundreds of thousands more that are being helped by them.”

What do you think of Shane Dawson’s videos?  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.