Here’s some pretty sweet news out of YouTube today–the video site has announced that they are now letting users turn their 2D videos into 3D videos, automatically.

2D to 3D conversion launched in beta back in September, but today it went live for everyone.  This morning on the YouTube blog, members of YouTube’s technical staff and software engineering team wrote, “Today we’re expanding the beta to all of you by adding automatic 3D conversion for short-form videos uploaded in 1080p.”  It looks like when you upload a 1080p video, viewers will automatically have the option to choose to watch in 3D from the Quality Settings icon on the YouTube player.

Check out the video below to see this new feature in action.  If you’re not getting the 3D option, just click the gear icon.  Unfortunately you’ll need 3D glasses for the full effect.  Read more in my post at

Now if only I had a pair of 3D glasses…

Image credit: xavigm via