gloveandboots youtube copyrightCopyright on YouTube can be a big ol’ ball of confusingness and trying to learn about the nitty gritty details of what’s fair and unfair, what’s allowed and not allowed can be…well…less than interesting. YouTube is aiming to make copyright law a bit more fun with a new video from lovable puppets Mario and Fafa of Glove and Boots.

In ‘YouTube Copyright Basics’, Mario and Fafa team up with Fred von Lohmann, YouTube’s “Big Wig” Lawyer, to take a look at how Content ID works, how to file content ID claims (and how to file disputes to challenge the accuracy of a claim against your content), what fair use is and more – with a singing gorilla break thrown in for good measure.

Check out the video and click on the links below to learn more about the various elements of YouTube Copyright Basics. If there’s anything you’d like to learn more about copyright on YouTube, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to glean more info for ya!

What is copyright?

What is fair use?

View copyright claims on your videos

How copyright claims may affect your videos

Keep your YouTube account in good standing

Copyright strike basics

Submit a copyright infringement complaint

Submit a counter notification

Retract a copyright infringement complaint

Dispute a Content ID match