Last week YouTube announced a new initiative called the YouTube Creator Academy–a destination for online courses designed to maximize your YouTube success. They’re kicking things off with a two-week course, starting June 3, called Maximize Your Channel. If you haven’t registered yet, read on for 5 reasons why you should.

Before we get to the reasons why you should sign up, here’s a little more info about the course. According to The YouTube Creator Academy Crew, the two-week massively open online course (MOOC) “will dive into the different parts of the new YouTube One Channel, explain how each can help you attract more subscribers and viewers, and give you the opportunity to freshen up your own channel while you learn.”

The YouTube Creator Academy Crew breaks down why you should sign up for the course into five reasons, which went up today on the YouTube Creator Blog and are as follows:

  • Take what you’ve learned and apply it directly onto your own YouTube channel
  • Track your progress and check how you’re doing along the way
  • Get connected to a community of other creators in the course
  • “Hang out” with the pros! Join live conversations with a panel of YT experts and partner creators
  • Test drive YouTube’s first massive open online course (MOOC)!
Want to sign up? Just head over to the YouTube Creator Academy Homepage to register.
The Course Forum opened today, so even though the course doesn’t officially begin until June 3 you can start getting yourself acquainted with some fo the course material and introduce yourself to your fellow participants. Will you be taking part in the YouTube Creator Academy ‘Maximize Your Channel’ course?