If you’ve checked out any blog posts or websites with embedded YouTube videos over the past couple of days you may have noticed that the embedded player looks a little bit different.

YouTube has quietly rolled out a slew of new features that allow viewers to engage a lot more with the embed player.  Previously, you couldn’t do anything besides pause, play, and click to watch related videos once the video ended.  If you wanted to find out more about a video, subscribe to the creator, or share the video you had to click to watch the video on the YouTube site.  Now you can do all of that from within the embedded video player.

The new player, which you can check out below, now includes a ‘More info’ button that lets you see who made the video and how many subscribers they have, how many views, likes and dislikes the video has, read the video description or click to subscribe.  A ‘Share’ button lets you easily copy the direct video link, share the video on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other sharing sites, email and even grab the embed code.  These features are definitely going to lead to a lot more sharing and subscribing (though an unfortunate downside for bloggers is that these features will probably entice a lot of viewers to share videos from within posts instead of sharing the posts themselves).

Check out the new embed player below and let us know what you think.