What if YouTube would have been invented in the 90s?  Squirrel Monkey hazards a guess in a hilarious new video that’s going viral this morning.

In the video, ‘If YouTube would have been invented in the 90s,’  a Sally Struthers-like voiceover explains, “YouTube is a digital online television station in your personal Personal Computer.  In the future, you won’t need a television set to watch television!  You just go online and watch online digital television shows whenever you want!  You don’t need VHS tapes anymore–you’ll save all your favorite shows on a floppy disk!”

Squirrel Monkey is also responsible for ‘If Twitter would have been invented in the 80s,’ ‘If DrawSomething were an old pc game,’ ‘If Facebook were invented in the 90s,’ ‘If Google were invented in the 80s,’ and ‘If Angry Birds were an 80s home computer game.’  Check out the Facebook and Twitter videos below and head over to the Squirrel Monkey YouTube channel to watch the rest.