channel switcherManage multiple channels on YouTube? If so, say goodbye to the days of having to refer to lengthy spreadsheets of random Gmail addresses and passwords used to create all your different personal and business YouTube accounts. Now, as long as each of your channels is tied to a Google+ page, you can easily manage them all from a single account.

Brett Hobbs, Staff Software Engineers at YouTube, writes on the YouTube Creator Blog, “We made a significant improvement to the multiple channel management experience recently when we launched the option to connect your existing channels with a Google+ page. Google+ page connected channels have enhanced channel management features that allow you to manage up to 50 channels with a single login, and multiple individuals can manage your channel with their own logins.”

When you connect a YouTube Channel to a Google+ page that you manage, that page will show up on your Channel Switcher at, a single page that lists all the channels you have the ability to manage where you can easily click to indicate which channel you’d like to “use YouTube as.”

YouTube Channel switcher

You may see an account listed that exists on Google+ but doesn’t already have a YouTube channel. To create one, just click on the name and avatar of the Google+ page that you’d like to create a channel for. You’ll be asked to confirm – just click ‘OK’ to complete.

You can also create a brand new channel (complete with a brand new Google+ page) that you will manage from the same account directly from your channel switcher. Just click on ‘Create a new channel’, give your channel and Google+ page a name and click done. Hobbs reminds users that, “Google+ pages can have names that include spaces and punctuation.”

Quick note: When you create a channel from a Google+ page the channel URL will be a little bit wonky at first – rather than a vanity URL you’ll just have a jumble of letters and numbers. You can add a custom URL under your advanced account settings. Click ‘Create custom URL’ under Channel Settings and choose the URL you want. Keep in mind, however, that unlike some sites like Twitter, on YouTube once you’ve selected a name you’re stuck with it. Read our post on 5 things to think about before choosing a YouTube username for advice.

Have you played around with this new feature yet? We’d love to hear what you think!