Over the past couple of months YouTube has been undergoing a major overhaul of their site design, launching new everything from a new homepage to new channel design, updates to the video editor, annotations and more.  The latest news is that in the coming weeks they’ll be launching a brand new YouTube player with some useful new features.

YouTube product manager Nundu Janakiram gives a rundown of the new player features in a post on the YouTube blog.  Nundu writes that “Years ago we created a way to link a certain moment on a video, which let you find, share and comment on just your favorite parts.  Now we’re expanding that control even more.  Over the coming weeks, you’ll be able to see an image preview or a series of thumbnails with three new features on our video player.

The new features will basically make it a heck of a lot easier to navigate your way through videos as you watch them.  You’ll be able to get a sneak peek of what’s ahead by hovering your mouse over the scroll bar.  As you hover the mouse, thumbnail images of what appears at the specific point where your mouse is will pop up on screen.  Additionally, for longer videos (90 minutes and up) you’ll be able to zoom in on the seek bar one and a half minutes at a time, making it easier to find an exact moment in a movie or video.

Check out my post on SocialTimes.com to read more and see more screenshots.  What do you think of the new design?