Are your YouTube subscriptions getting out of hand? Many of you are subscribed to tens (or even hundreds) of YouTube channels and keeping track of all that content can get overwhelming. Luckily, YouTube is now letting you organize the channels you subscribe to into “Collections,” making your YouTube viewing life a heck of a lot easier.

You may remember when Twitter first introduced Twitter Lists – letting you sort the people you follow into various lists making it easier to keep track of specific groups of friends or people tweeting about specific topics. YouTube Collections is basically the online video version of this. When you head over to your Subscription Manager, you’re now given the option to “Create new collection.”

Name your collection and then select the channels you’d like to add to it.

When you’re done, your collections will appear in the side navigation bar, at the top of your Subscriptions list. Click on a collection to view all the latest videos from the channels you added to that collection.

For now it looks like Collections are just a private way to organize your own subscriptions. I think it would be cool though if, like Twitter lists, YouTube gave us the option to create Collections of channels and share them publicly.

In the meantime, do you think you’ll be using Collections to organize your subscriptions? What sorts of Collections do you think you’ll make?