Ever wondered what other people like you were watching on YouTube?  Now you can find out what other people that share your own age/sex/location are watching on YouTube with the new YouTube Trends Map.

YouTube Trends Manager Kevin Allocca explains on the YouTube Trends blog, “with the YouTube Trends Map, you can see today’s most popular videos in major markets across the U.S. You can also see what’s popular with women or men, as well as by different age groups.”

The map is a fun way to see what other people in your demographic are watching – today it looks like all the females in my age group and location (along with pretty much everyone in all parts of the country..surprise surprise) are watching the True Blood Season 6 Trailer.

But the Trends Map could also serve to be a great tool for creators looking to produce content based upon trends in parts of the  country where a good portion of their viewer base comes from.  If your targeting viewers in a specific city or specific part of the country, and within a specific age range, keeping an eye on what’s trending among these viewers is a great way to stay on top of producing awesome and relevant tentpole programming.

Check it out at youtube.com/trendsmap and let us know what you think!