Sick and tired of sitting around with one eye on the screen while you upload videos to YouTube, waiting to see if they’ve finished uploading and processing and are ready to view?  Last night the video site announced that they’ve made a couple of improvements to make YouTube uploading less of a pain.

For starters, YouTube will be sending users emails to notify them of when their videos are done uploading and processing and are ready to view.  YouTube engineer Balazs Dezso says, “You can forward that email to friends or family for easy sharing.”

Note that these notifications are optional and you can opt out in your email settings or in the banner that you should see on the upload page

In addition to email notifications about uploads, YouTube has also improved the upload process to give users “more control over publishing and sharing.”  What does this mean? Well, sometimes YouTube videos upload too fast (yes, this can be a problem!) and users don’t have enough time to finish filling out info about their video before it goes live.  Dezso writes, “You’ll be soon able to decide when your video gets published, giving you as much time as you need to input the title, description, custom message to send to your subscribers, etc.”

Videos will be treated as private until they’ve finished filling out all the vital info–title, tags, categories, monetization, etc.–and only when your ready and click ‘Publish’ will your video go live.  Dezso writes, “We’ll start rolling out this change next week, so hang tight if you don’t see this change just yet–and don’t forget to press Publish!”